Our strength is the plating of small medium-sized parts, and delicate items. We employ a variety of traditional barrel and rack plating methods, and also several proprietary methods which we have developed in response to unique customer needs We pride ourselves on being process innovators. Many customers have been served whose application did not seem at first to lend itself to consistent electroplating. We’ve solved a lot of problems where others have not succeeded.

We utilize statistical process control methods and tools to ensure that our output is consistent and predictable. We understand that what a customer needs is a supplier that serves the with a predictable and satisfactory service at a competitive price. Predictable and consistent are values that apply both to the quality of the electroplating and also to the quality of our service. On-time delivery of a product fit for your use is what we do. Request a quote for rhodium plating, gold plating, silver plating, and other plating services now!

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